Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Samsung Blogging Sweepstakes: Share Your 3 Valid Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash: Win A New Samsung French Door Refrigerator!

I am a newbie to blogging, and it looks like it could be quite fun and addicting! I was thinking about what I would write about first, I have SOOO many ideas in my head and I am jotting them down on paper so I dont forget. But yesterday I joined a group called twittermoms.com (great group by the way! check it out!) and I seen this AWESOME giveaway and thought...there is my first topic! I know, being a newbie I would have chose something subtle, but I couldnt resist this! Who wouldnt want to win such a great prize, so here goes! The topic is:

"With Our Busy Schedules, What Are Your 3 Valid Tips for Getting Dinner Ready in a Flash?”:

Here are some of the tricks that I have learned that helps my family and I get dinner on the table in a flash:

1.) We are a family of 5, 2 adults, 3 children ages 15, 13 and 10. We involve everyone in the meal preparation. Each family member is assigned to a task, whether it be fixing a side dish, making a salad or simply setting the table. When everyone works together as a team, things get on the table in a flash!

2.) Menu Planning. Creating a weekly menu saves not only money, but time when getting dinner ready on those busy evenings. Choose a day of the week to sit down together and plan your weekly menus. Making your grocery list based on items needed for that weeks menu eliminates the numerous trips to the store for forgotten ingredients and will also save you time and money. Also, you can create your meals around your families busy schedules, making the easier, less time consuming menu items on those days.

3.) The Crock-Pot. I love, love, love my crock-pot and would be totally lost without it. It has been my life-saver so many times over the years. It is so easy to just get up in the morning and toss in a few ingredients in and forget about it! Another thing I like to do is put a roast in and let cook on low overnight, then in the morning, toss in my veggies and anything else, and let it cook on low all day. At dinner time, its ready to go! Quick and easy!

What are your tips for getting dinner ready in a flash? Visit Twitter Moms for contest details to win a Samsung French Door Refrigerator! Ends 10/16.


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